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Profitable restaurant, club, hotel & bar management means growing sales, controlling costs and operating more efficiently. 1st Class Members have instant 24/7 access to strategies and solutions so you can build build your bottom line AND your reputation for great food & beverage, friendly service and excellent value.

More than 1400 Management & Marketing Downloads: templates, manuals & calculators are ready to use - we've done the hard work for you! Plus 1000+ resource articles with the latest and best strategies for management, marketing and profit-building.

DOWNLOADS include:

How to Improve Internal CommunicationHow to Improve Internal Communication
Some restaurants, cafes and bars assume staff will hear about everything, and others think that notices and emails are enough. But so many hospitality managers and owners complain that staff don't listen, don't care or don't notice - communication with employees needs a shake up! . . . keep reading

How to Avoid Problems With Employee Termination and DismissalHow to Avoid Problems With Employee Termination and Dismissal
This interview deals with dismissal, termination, and how to properly handle employee behaviour that could lead to them being dismissed. The traditional '3 warnings' is often misleading, and needs care in the way it is handled. . . . keep reading

Sample Guidelines for Staff on Use of Social MediaSample Guidelines for Staff on Use of Social Media
There's no avoiding Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and a wide range of review websites. Staff and managers need guidance on what is acceptable usage - use this template to create a policy that everyone can understand and follow. . . . keep reading

Action Plan to Increase Profits in a Restaurant GroupAction Plan to Increase Profits in a Restaurant Group
There are dozens of detailed proposals in this turn-around strategy. Covering menu efficiency, food costs, beverage sales, use of technology, purchasing, staff productivity, management roles, compensation and competitors. No matter what your size of business, you'll find many that apply! . . . keep reading

How to Protect Your Recipes, Menus and Intellectual PropertiesHow to Protect Your Recipes, Menus and Intellectual Properties
Ever worried that someone is copying your ideas without permission? Recipes, menus, designs - even your name. When people see that you're successful, it won't take long for them to borrow your 'intellectual property' - a quick Google search usually gives them most of what they're after! . . . keep reading

Better Food Cost Control using Point of Sale InformationBetter Food Cost Control using Point of Sale Information
Joe Dunbar is the 'Food Cost Wizard', and it's my pleasure to interview him for this podcast. Accurate data and 'the numbers' are essential to know what's really happening with restaurant and bar sales, production costs and the strengths and weaknesses of a menu. . . . keep reading


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