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Australian Update: March 2011

Let's put disasters and political arguments behind us: we're in the business of offering people a good time, relaxation and an escape from stress and care.

Here is the latest intelligence for Australian operators - there are plenty of opportunities!

  • Event Updates: Starting a Cafe or Restaurant Workshop in Melbourne this Saturday 12 March. A day packed with information and great speakers - if you know someone who has 'plans' for a new business, make sure they come along.

    Clubs+ Weddings & Events Management Summit on 17-18 May in Sydney. More than 18 experts over two days - this is a fantastic event for everyone running events and functions.

  • Discount Vouchers arrive with a Bang: Stardeals, Spreets, Cudo and a host of others. Haven't we been here before with Shopper Dockets? I remember one big steak chain (now gone) that became permanently and painfully addicted to the 2-for-1 deals. Some of you like the Entertainment Book, others not so much. The big ones seem to be Stardeals (owned by Groupon) and Spreets, now owned by Yahoo. I suggest you sign up to a site as a consumer so you know what all the fuss is about. What's your experience been - add a comment at the bottom of this page >>

  • Stuck for Words When you Get a Bad Online Review? Pick yourself up, calm down and use these quick responses. It's unlikely that you'll get the review taken down, but your reply can help to neutralise it. And keep an eye on TripAdvisor too - this is where most tourists get their information on Australian restaurants and pubs, as well as accommodation.

  • Customers Playing with Mobiles = Opportunity. You see them tapping away while waiting for friends, or even while their with friends. Chances are they're checking in to Facebook or Foursquare, and maybe rating you on Google, Urbanspoon or Eatability. These sites all have phone apps for quick access, and more than 40% of Facebook access is through smartphones. Claim your site at all these services, so you can track visits and respond when needed - all the how-to information is right here.

  • Local Intelligence: the Australian Updates are where we add the latest industry info: recent updates covered wage rises, paid parental leave obligations, invoicd fraud and changes in unfair dismissal regulations. Worth a regular watch...

  • Disaster Recovery: no sooner than the last Australian newsletter went out, and Brisbane and Victoria were flooded, the Cairnes region was blasted by a cyclone and now Christchurch has been shaken into a ruin. Generosity quickly flows for victims, but support for business takes much longer to arrive, if at all. Ultimately, it all depends on you and the insurance company. Please check the information and resources at Disaster Recovery Marketing, including important information on employer obligations in a catastrophe.

  • William and Kate: whatever you think about the Queen, the royal wedding on 29 April will be a BIG media event. Use it for some marketing fun and an easy sales boost - here are all the details.

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