220+ DOWNLOADS: Staff Management Forms & Documents
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220+ DOWNLOADS: Staff Management Forms & Documents

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More than 220 Staff Management documents and forms to assist with the industry's greatest challenge: finding and keeping good staff.

Ready to use immediately...why wait?

Staff Commencement, Performance, Motivation & Discipline

  • Staff Policy Manual - 33 page manual covering conduct, performance, pay & safety issues
  • Job Application Form - 2 page form for personal details, work history and disclaimers
  • Welcome to the Business - an information page for applicants
  • Staff Induction Checklist - covering payroll, uniform, policies and procedures
  • Staff Information Sheet - to collect full contact and bank account details
  • Vision Statement - describing to staff how the business works 'at it's best'

  • 99 Performance & Discipline Memos - covering all areas for front and back of house. Short and to the point, covering problem areas and praise for work done well
  • Cost Cutting Surveys (2) - for suggestions on direct and indirect costs
  • Healthy Staff Checklist - it's true, healthy staff work harder. Share it around...
  • Quick Performance Review - one page survey of staff performance Performance Review: Bar Staff and Servers - a more detailed survey Performance Review: Kitchen Staff - a more detailed survey
  • Staff Attitude Surveys (2)
  • Staff Business Improvement Survey - drawing on staff ideas for business improvement

    In standard Word & Excel formats: ready to change or edit if required
    In standard Word & Excel formats: ready to change or edit if required
  • Staff Reference Letters - 2 positive and 2 neutral
  • Yellow Card - Caution Form for a quick written record of poor performance
  • Staff Warning Letters - 11 letters outlining why a warning is being issued and steps that the employee should follow to improve their performance
  • 'Thanks to staff' Letters - 3 sample letters of appreciation to give to staff
  • Staff Turnover Calculator (spreadsheet) - measures cost to the business and shows potential savings
  • Staff Party Rules & Guidelines - the responsibilities and safety issues for everyone attending, simple and clear
  • Roster Coster (spreadsheet) - work out and adjust wage costs before the staff schedule is made public
  • Safety Rules & Safety Audit - 17-page Manual with rules and checklists for all areas
  • Resignation Form - to formalise the process and set out what's expected
  • Employee Separation Checklist - 35 point checklist to cover resignation and termination issues

Interviewing Staff

  • Kitchen Staff Interview Questions
  • Bar Staff Interview Questions
  • Waiter Interview Questions
  • 85 Management Interview Questions (including basic calculations)
  • Exit Interview Questions

24 Job Descriptions

Management Job Descriptions

  • General Manager Job Description
  • Restaurant Manager Job Description
  • Food & Beverage Manager Job Description
  • Sales Manager Job Description
  • Operations Manager Job Description
  • Financial Controller Job Description
Kitchen Job Descriptions
  • Head Chef Job Description
  • Chef or Cook Job Description
  • Baker Job Description
  • Pastry Chef Job Description
  • Kitchen Hand Job Description
  • Apprentice Chef Job Description
  • Counter Assistant Job Description

Bar Job Descriptions

  • Bar Manager Job Description
  • Duty Manager Job Description
  • Bar Staff Job Description
  • Cellar Staff Job Description
  • Sommelier Job Description
  • Security Staff Job Description

Restaurant Job Descriptions
  • Restaurant Supervisor Job Description
  • Host-Hostess Job Description
  • Waiter-Server Job Description
  • Barista Job Description
  • Trainee Waiter-Server Job Description

Staff Training

Adapt these resources to the food, beverage and service style of your business. Keep it fun and do it regularly.

  • Calculator Instructions - can your staff multiply, divide and do percentages?
  • French Food Quiz
  • Italian Food Quiz
  • Meat Quiz
  • Modern Food Quiz
  • Poultry & Game Quiz
  • Chocolate Quiz
  • Red & White Wine Quiz
  • Water Sales Training Quiz
  • Vegetable Quiz
  • Quiz: 20 Difficult Situations - what would you do if this happened?
  • Wine & Food Tasting Grid - for wine & food appreciation training

All documents and spreadsheets in Word, Excel or PDF format, ready to use immediately or adapt as needed.

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