220+ DOWNLOADS: Staff Management Forms & Documents

220+ DOWNLOADS: Staff Management Forms & Documents

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More than 220 Staff Management documents and forms to assist with the industry's greatest challenge: finding and keeping good staff.

Ready to use immediately...why wait?

In standard Word & Excel formats: ready to change or edit if required
In standard Word & Excel formats: ready to change or edit if required

Staff Commencement, Performance, Motivation & Discipline

  • Staff Policy Manual - 33 page manual covering conduct, performance, pay & safety issues
  • Job Application Form - 2 page form for personal details, work history and disclaimers
  • Welcome to the Business - an information page for applicants
  • Staff Induction Checklist - covering payroll, uniform, policies and procedures
  • Staff Information Sheet - to collect full contact and bank account details
  • Vision Statement - describing to staff how the business works 'at it's best'

  • 99 Performance & Discipline Memos - covering all areas for front and back of house. Short and to the point, covering problem areas and praise for work done well
  • Cost Cutting Surveys (2) - for suggestions on direct and indirect costs
  • Healthy Staff Checklist - it's true, healthy staff work harder. Share it around...
  • Quick Performance Review - one page survey of staff performance Performance Review: Bar Staff and Servers - a more detailed survey Performance Review: Kitchen Staff - a more detailed survey
  • Staff Attitude Surveys (2)
  • Staff Business Improvement Survey - drawing on staff ideas for business improvement

  • Staff Reference Letters - 2 positive and 2 neutral
  • Yellow Card - Caution Form for a quick written record of poor performance
  • Staff Warning Letters - 11 letters outlining why a warning is being issued and steps that the employee should follow to improve their performance
  • 'Thanks to staff' Letters - 3 sample letters of appreciation to give to staff
  • Staff Turnover Calculator (spreadsheet) - measures cost to the business and shows potential savings
  • Staff Party Rules & Guidelines - the responsibilities and safety issues for everyone attending, simple and clear
  • Roster Coster (spreadsheet) - work out and adjust wage costs before the staff schedule is made public
  • Safety Rules & Safety Audit - 17-page Manual with rules and checklists for all areas
  • Resignation Form - to formalise the process and set out what's expected
  • Employee Separation Checklist - 35 point checklist to cover resignation and termination issues

Interviewing Staff

  • Kitchen Staff Interview Questions
  • Bar Staff Interview Questions
  • Waiter Interview Questions
  • 85 Management Interview Questions (including basic calculations)
  • Exit Interview Questions

24 Job Descriptions

Management Job Descriptions

  • General Manager Job Description
  • Restaurant Manager Job Description
  • Food & Beverage Manager Job Description
  • Sales Manager Job Description
  • Operations Manager Job Description
  • Financial Controller Job Description
Kitchen Job Descriptions
  • Head Chef Job Description

  • Chef or Cook Job Description
  • Baker Job Description
  • Pastry Chef Job Description
  • Kitchen Hand Job Description
  • Apprentice Chef Job Description
  • Counter Assistant Job Description

Bar Job Descriptions

  • Bar Manager Job Description
  • Duty Manager Job Description
  • Bar Staff Job Description
  • Cellar Staff Job Description
  • Sommelier Job Description
  • Security Staff Job Description

Restaurant Job Descriptions

  • Restaurant Supervisor Job Description
  • Host-Hostess Job Description
  • Waiter-Server Job Description
  • Barista Job Description
  • Trainee Waiter-Server Job Description

680 Work Safety & Food Safety Posters

Designed to warn about common hazards and risks, and encourage safe and hygienic work in a hospitality workplace.

Change them regularly to promote positive discussion and keep the message fresh. Make a weekly selection or encourage trainees to choose a 'poster of the week' - an excellent way to build motivation and ownership of these important issues.

See the full list of Poster Topics here.

Logbooks and Management Diaries

Master templates to produce your own logbooks. Significantly improves the accountability of managers, supervisors and chefs in a format that's easy to use.
  • Club Management Logbook

  • Hotel Management Logbook
  • Kitchen Management Diary
  • Front of House & Bar Management Diary
  • Maintenance Logbook - keep track of repairs and maintenance of all items
  • Key Register - do you know who has them?
  • Safety Manual and Rules - 17 page manual with instructions and safety rules for all departments. A quick edit makes it immediately usable for your business.

Staff Training

Adapt these resources to the food, beverage and service style of your business. Keep it fun and do it regularly.

  • Calculator Instructions - can your staff multiply, divide and do percentages?
  • French Food Quiz
  • Italian Food Quiz
  • Meat Quiz
  • Modern Food Quiz
  • Poultry & Game Quiz
  • Chocolate Quiz
  • Red & White Wine Quiz
  • Water Sales Training Quiz
  • Vegetable Quiz
  • Quiz: 20 Difficult Situations - what would you do if this happened?
  • Wine & Food Tasting Grid - for wine & food appreciation training

All documents and spreadsheets in Word, Excel or PDF format, ready to use immediately or adapt as needed.

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