Marketing and management resources for restaurants, cafes, clubs and hotels.Marketing and management resources for restaurants, cafes, clubs and hotels.
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How to Make More Money with Great Customer Service

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Meet Brooks Briz: he's worked in the Food & Beverage industry for five years, and his business Triple Your Tips exists because he made a decision to offer great support to the industry.

He's here now to share with you what he learned about customer service, and help you to make more money, have more fun and enjoy the heck out of your job. Enjoy his short video tips, packed with practical wisdom. Share them with other servers, waiters, bartenders and bar staff: make sure you put them to good use!

Check back regularly for more updates. For more information on Brooks, go to Triple Your Tips and tell him we sent you!

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Hand Signals Used by Servers to Speed Up Service

Get The Perfect Guests Every Single Time, Guaranteed
Imagine getting group after group after group of awesome patrons that tip well, never complain and are fun to be around. Sound impossible? It's not; but it takes hard work. It is imperative that you have every single aspect of your ideal customer's visit mapped out ahead of time and know how everything will work.

Can I Get You Guys Something Else? Hell No!
It's imperative that you stay away from "restaurant speak" also known as the stereotypical lines that FOH staff repeat like parrots. If you choose to carefully monitor your speech, you will find that changing just one word can be the difference between 10 and 20%.

Another Drink Can Mean Another 10%
Everyone knows that filling up your patron's drinks is part of your job but did you know that being just 10 seconds too early or too late can cause your patrons to get up and abruptly leave? Check out this video for more information!

Awkward Approaching to Customers Is No More!
Letting your patrons know from the get-go that you mean business and are in complete control will be a breeze after watching this video.

How To Explode Your Tips With A Little Piece Of Rubber
Discover how wearing subtle accessories will make you completely stand out and able to strike up passionate conversations with your restaurant guests.


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·  How to Improve Customer Service in Your Restaurant, Hotel, Club or Bar