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What Members Say:

There has not been a time that we have not found exactly what we needed for the restaurant in one of the sections. You have saved us $1000's of dollars, time and our sanity.
Jan Lees, Cafe Owner

I find the resources on the website invaluable as a prompt to keep me on track and continually doing the things that keep me ahead.
Gerhard Spatz, Executive Chef

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Profitable Hospitality! It saves so much time and makes me look so professional!
Franziska Prosser, Restaurant Manager

The Profitable Hospitality manuals have been an exceptional help to me running an extremely large catering company with many staff. They have saved me a great amount of time and money.
Mark Taylor, Caterer

Thank you for your help. Your kitchen and recipe management systems have helped me to achieve the correct % on food and labour.
Damian Heads, Head Chef

These Manuals have taken a huge administrative weight off my shoulders. In only a few months I have implemented most sections of the manuals, covering all aspects of staff management (even the termination procedures - unfortunately but thanks!).
Graham Murray, Cafe Owner

An area of considerable concern to me was systematic kitchen management. Since we introduced the Profitable Hospitality systems, time required for me be active in managing the kitchen has halved. I have been able to concentrate my efforts on what I was employed to do - focus on the important areas of marketing and building membership. I am free of the paper warfare of old, and confident in the knowledge that our staff are working as a team and the kitchen is operating efficiently - and profitably.
Mark Wilkinson, Club Manager

In six short months, thanks to the flexible, innovative and easy-to-use systems and back up from Profitable Hospitality, I feel as though I have been in the game for ten years. Staffing and rostering issues are dealt with quickly and professionally and we now provide clear and detailed employment contracts and work agreements. Our head chef is most impressed to -- he said it reminds him of how things worked when he was at the Hilton Hotel, only this is better!
George Dannaoui, Cafe Owner

As a new Weddings and Functions Co-ordinator, the Booking Agreements proved invaluable, gradually added to after each event. The response letters are fabulous! The kitchen uses the recipe costers and the Operations Manager is a real help with hands-on systems and forms that have save me so much time.
Chris Dunn, Wedding Co-ordinator

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